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winter wedding

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter is well underway, and although we live in sunny, warm Wilmington – that doesn’t mean you can’t host a beautiful, snow-filled winter wedding at our Coastline Convention Center. Weddings are often hosted this time of year and themed appropriately. Winter is associated with purity and elegance. In this post, we’ll describe some of our favorite winter wedding ideas to turn any boring ol’ wedding into a true winter wonderland.

winter wedding

Themes of Mistletoe

Mistletoe – the plant of spontaneous love and a symbol of an enduring relationship. Using mistletoe to help tie the knot after the “you may kiss the bride” will help tie together all of your other winter themes.

White, Silver & Crystal

To mimic the wintery white stuff – you’ll need the right color palette. This tip is super easy and mostly common sense. Use white whenever possible, and accent it with shades of silver. Incorporating white or clear crystals will give your wedding that whimsical winter look you’ve been searching for. Glitter can also be used to reinforce the theme; however, don’t go too overboard and choose a glitter that is easy to clean up. Nothing is worse than having to pick glitter off your clothes as a wedding guest.

Elements of Nature

Incorporate elements of nature to bring out the life of winter. For instance, a cotton bouquet of flowers is both whimsical and practical in its execution. Accent tables with twigs and bark – just remember that less is more.

Hot Cocoa & Coffee Bar

What better way to compliment your chilled wedding than a warm, refreshing cup of hot cocoa. Take it to the next level by adding flavor syrups of pumpkin spice or peppermint.

Smells Like Winter

It’s not winter without a few signature smells. Pine, gingerbread, chocolate, Christmas trees – all help to really tie together and sell your wedding. We suggest using a tasteful combination of candles and nature elements to create this effect. Don’t settle for cheap alternatives either; create your own candles with natural, whole ingredients, just make sure to test your products before the big day.

Coastline Convention Center Has You Covered

Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, the Coastline Convention Center is here to help make your wedding dream a reality. Our staff is available and eager to answer any questions you might have as well as accommodate any requests that are outside the typical scope of our service offerings. Frequently asked questions about our facility can be found here.

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