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Wedding Trends for Fall 2018

Fall is fast approaching, and with it, fall weddings. With warm days, cool nights, and bright
colors, fall is the perfect wedding season. The fall 2018 wedding will, in many ways, look
similar to the traditional wedding, but it will feature some very different twists. Here are
some trends to watch out for if you are planning or attending a wedding this fall!


This fall, expect the wedding party to be wearing subtle colors and jewel tones. Subtle pink
or beige bridal gowns and pastel or jewel tone bridesmaid’s dresses will be very popular.
Brides will favor simple silhouetted gowns with intricate yet subtle lace or bead work. We
might also see some shorter gowns and even jumpsuits! We will see brides with natural
makeup and hair looks, paired with statement hair pieces and rings. This fall, it’s all about
subtlety… with a twist!


Fall weddings will feature simple décor, with jewel tones and black and gold color schemes
(black is back!). Expect to see leafy plant arrangements in place of large florals. Lastly, from
handwritten invitations to simple, homemade table signs, DIY is not going away; we will
still see DIY touches this fall! Think simple yet elegant!


It will be all about venue this fall. Indoor-outdoor weddings and clear-top tent weddings
will be very popular this fall to feature the beautiful colors of the season. These venues hold
a casual vibe and the structure will allow the ceremony and reception to blend easily.
Reach out to Coastline Convention Center for the perfect coastal, indoor-outdoor venue
right on the water. Historic locations will also be popular wedding venues this fall. The vibe
and look of a historic venue will pair perfectly with this year’s fall wedding trends.


Little is more important that good food at a wedding. This fall, expect receptions to have
unique food presentations. You might see buffet stations, each with a different style of food,
food served on glow cubes, or even on hanging swings. Another trend this year are
statement cakes with intricate and bold designs. In years past, traditional wedding cakes
have been ditched for cupcake stand or other treats, but they will be making a comeback
this fall!


This fall, there will be a heavy emphasis on entertainment. We will see more live music this
fall instead of DJ’s and we will see unique activities, such as caricature artists and photo
booths. We will also see an emphasis on kid-friendly entertainment this fall, such as
twister, bouncy houses, and magic shows.

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