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wedding venues in wilmington nc

Wedding Favors That Will Impress Your Guests

Wedding favors are the proverbial icing on the cake for your wedding reception. It is a fabulous way to thank them for participating in your love and special day. It also allows them to have a keepsake and lasting memory of your wedding. There are so many things you could give to your guest, but whatever you give it should come from the bottom of your heart.

wedding venues in wilmington nc

Personalize It

Personalized wedding favors have grown in popularity because it makes people feel like you took the time to honor them and their presence at your event on a very personal level. So, if you are going to give your guest wedding favors make sure that you have personalized them, and watch your guess be impressed.

Give Them A Snack

Little chocolates, mints, and even nuts are a great wedding favor to send your guests home with. They will have eaten quite a bit at your wedding so this may actually be something that they keep longer than some other wedding favors. Whether they enjoy it now or enjoy the treats later, it is something sweet for them to remember the moment by.

Make it Useful

A cognac glass, coasters, a plate; these are all items that a person can use once the wedding is over. Bottle cap openers and candle holders are all gifts that keep on giving. They can last forever; which is as long as the bride and groom plan to be together.

Go Unisex

It can get tedious when you are trying to determine how many wedding favors do you need for the men, and how many do you need for the women. If you choose a unisex gift then you can generally get the same thing for everyone. This will save you a lot of time and possibly a lot of money.

Get Creative

Almost anything can be a wedding favor regardless of how big or how small. You simply have to decide how much money you have to spend on the favors. Whether you spend a little or spend a lot you can give or make something that is very unique. You also give something that is decorative that people could put on their wall or on a coffee table. Yes, everyone’s taste is different but you can find something that is tasteful and that most of your guests would enjoy.

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