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Destination Wedding

Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Your wedding is an important event in your life. It is a celebration of you and your significant other joining together to become one on a new adventure in your lives. As such, it should be done in a way that celebrates the two of you. You are unique, and your wedding should be, too. If you want to do something a little bit different and out of the ordinary, why not consider a destination wedding?

Beautiful Scenery

When it comes to destination weddings, they are all about the location, whether it is the beach, the mountains, or somewhere surrounded by nature. Moreover, with beautiful scenery, you are guaranteed to have gorgeous, one of a kind photographs.

Smaller Guest List

There’s something about planning a wedding that makes people feel that they need to invite everyone they know, even if they are distant relatives who you never speak with or an acquaintance of your mother from her book club. Quite often, the bigger the wedding, the more stress on you and your new spouse. Destination weddings, however, are an excellent way to trim the guest list, keeping it down to close family and friends, allowing you to share your special day with only the people who mean the most to you.

You May Be Able to Save Money

Another downside to a huge guest list is, the more people you invite, the more expensive everything becomes. Moreover, if you are trying to stick to a specific budget, you will quickly find yourself scrambling to cut costs, sacrificing things that are important to you and your partner. Fewer people means less money. On top of that, many hotels and travel options have discounted rates or packages for groups.

Your Guests Will Always Remember Your Wedding

Think about the weddings you have been to in the past? Did they follow a similar pattern? Do they sort of blend together, making it difficult to recall specific details? The great thing about destination weddings is that they are unique. Not only do your guests get to attend your wedding, but they also get a vacation, too, and will most certainly be able to remember your wedding in great detail.

Your Honeymoon is Built Right In

As if the benefits of a destination wedding could not get any better, one of the best things about them is that you do not have to travel to a second destination for your honeymoon. You are already there!

Destination weddings make for unique experiences that aren’t soon forgotten. Better yet, you do not even have to leave the US. There are plenty of gorgeous places around the country, including Wilmington, North Carolina. You can say your vows on Wrightsville Beach and host your reception right at the Coastline Conference and Event Center. Moreover, with plenty to do around the city, from eclectic restaurants to museums to interesting shops, you will have an amazing honeymoon (and your guests will have a great vacation). For more information, contact the Coastline Conference and Event Center today!

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