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Frequently Asked

Questions! Questions! Questions? The number one question most people are afraid to ask is what does FAQ stand for or mean? Frequently Asked Questions. Here is the information most commonly requested by new users of the facility.

What does my room booking include?
Tables, chairs, and the room. We also provide other services, as outlined in our fee schedule.

How many guests can I have at my event?
It varies, depending on which room you select and what setup you are considering. The loft can be used by as few as 10 people for a board meeting; the Riverview Terrace can handle up to 150 people for a reception all indoors, add the riverfront 1200sf riverfront deck in and you can go as high as 175 people. Again, this depends on a lot of other factors like dance floor, head tables and so on. The grand hall can handle up to 700 people for theatre or receptions style layouts and about 550 for banquets.

When can I begin setting up?
Rental periods run in 10 hour increments. Be sure your contract allows time for set-up and break down for both you and your vendors. You may begin setting up at the beginning of your rental period.

Can we serve alcohol?
Yes. Beer and wine can be served by caterers who are ABC licensed and insured or by Coastline bartenders. Liquor can only be served by licensed caterers with valid ABC permits who are insured. The Coastline allows beer and wine to be brought in for their event, but only if it is served by Coastline bartenders. Bartender fees and corkage fees apply.

Do caterers and other vendors have to pick up their chairs by the end of the night?
No and Yes, anything supplied by the Coastline Conference & Event Center (included or add ons) will be taken care of by our staff. Any third parties hired by the User (you) for the event must pick up everything they brought in for the event by the load-out time, as stated on their contract.

Where do my guests park?
The Coastline Conference & Event Center has 2 parking lots, 1 at the main entrance and 1 located on the back side of the CCEC building. Parking in third party parking garages adjacent to the CCEC may be available for use for large groups with majority drive in attendees. Ask one of our sales team members for a list of alternate parking locations and contacts.

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