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outdoor wedding venues wilmington nc

Fall Wedding Trends in Wilmington, NC

If you are planning a wedding this Fall, you are in for a treat. This fall season is already centered around beautiful deep colors and the warm feeling of love and home. Of course, every person will have their own idea of what they want for their wedding, but adding these trends in could take your wedding from a night to remember, to an event people will never forget.


This season deep rich burgundies and plum’s are the Fall colors of choice and are the centerpiece of this year’s wedding color schemes. A neutral color or pastels are the colors most used to complement these deep colors. In the Fall, the typical spring hues are frosted over giving them more dimension. Together the dark hues give you the sense of earth and season, while the lighter colors add to the whimsicalness of the moment.  You can also add metallics for a little pop.

Wedding Cakes

There is a new trend for the Fall season when it comes to wedding cakes. Instead of adorning a cake with thick design frosting and sugar flowers, the couple is choosing cakes with a more textured look dressed up with real, small bunches of flowers, greenery, or a combination of both. ‘Naked Cakes’ are also growing in popularity. Nude cakes are cakes with a thin layer of frosting so some of the cake shows through. Then it is dressed up with caramel or ganache drizzle, and some foliage.


There is always a place for a traditional dress, no matter the season, but this year’s trend is leading brides and grooms down a less traditional path. Two piece wedding dress sets are this year’s bridal dress trend, and that doesn’t mean you have to bare a lot of skin. Some brides are paring cashmere sweaters with luxurious full-length skirts, or lace long sleeve turtleneck crop tops with exaggerated high wasted gown skirts. You can really express your own style.


Wild looking bouquets containing freshly picked flowers and greenery is leading in the Floral department for Fall weddings. The arrangement is more leafy and green, and fewer delicate flowers. And, for this season, forget a long stem. Vines, thistle, berries, bushes, and small leafy twigs are catching the eye of many people having weddings.

Food and Drink

Creativity is the name of the game, and food and drink stations are all the rave. The eating portion of the wedding is way more fun than getting served a plate. Build your own tacos, barbeque stations, and even a sushi bar is how people are choosing to feed their guest. And just in case you were wondering, an open bar is always on trend.

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outdoor wedding venues wilmington nc

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