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coastal wedding

Coastal Themed Wedding Ideas

When you look at all Wilmington has to offer, it becomes clear why it’s such a popular choice to host a coastal themed wedding. The Coastline Conference and Event Center is ready equip to host weddings of all kinds. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of our favorite coastal themed wedding ideas.

Driftwood Accents

Driftwood is undeniably beach-themed and it is very easy to incorporate into almost all coastal wedding themes. Driftwood can be incorporated as table centerpieces adorned with small plants, candles and the like. The natural elements of wood paired with the abstract, unique shape of the wood will help to give your wedding a unique look and feel.

Mimic the Ocean’s Colors

Light blues, teals, tans and sea foams greens can all be used to give your wedding breath of salt air. Consider these colors when you look at dressing the groomsmen or the bridesmaids. Another clever way to include these colors is to place antique-style bottles in these colors to accent tables and other fixtures.

Sea glass Calligraphy

For wedding gifts/memorabilia for your guests, you can write your guests’ names onto sea glass. Not only does it make a wonderful and unique gift, but it will also remind them of the calm, beautiful, and occasional turbulent life of the ocean and a couple’s life.

Take it to the Beach

Alright, perhaps a littleĀ too obvious – but hosting your wedding reception and afterparty on adequate beach space will surly give your wedding the coastal theme you’re looking for. Wilmington has a host of beaches to choose from – but we suggest consulting with a planner before you make commitments. Ask your guests to ditch their shoes and opt for bare feat this go-around!

We hope you choose to host your coastal wedding in Wilmington, North Carolina and also in our beautiful Coastline Convention Center. To view how our guests live it up at our facility, check out our photo gallery for a clearer picture.


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