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Wedding Trends for Fall 2018

Fall is fast approaching, and with it, fall weddings. With warm days, cool nights, and bright
colors, fall is the perfect wedding season. The fall 2018 wedding will, in many ways, look
similar to the traditional wedding, but it will feature some very different twists. Here are
some trends to watch out for if you are planning or attending a wedding this fall!


This fall, expect the wedding party to be wearing subtle colors and jewel tones. Subtle pink
or beige bridal gowns and pastel or jewel tone bridesmaid’s dresses will be very popular.
Brides will favor simple silhouetted gowns with intricate yet subtle lace or bead work. We
might also see some shorter gowns and even jumpsuits! We will see brides with natural
makeup and hair looks, paired with statement hair pieces and rings. This fall, it’s all about
subtlety… with a twist!


Fall weddings will feature simple décor, with jewel tones and black and gold color schemes
(black is back!). Expect to see leafy plant arrangements in place of large florals. Lastly, from
handwritten invitations to simple, homemade table signs, DIY is not going away; we will
still see DIY touches this fall! Think simple yet elegant!


It will be all about venue this fall. Indoor-outdoor weddings and clear-top tent weddings
will be very popular this fall to feature the beautiful colors of the season. These venues hold
a casual vibe and the structure will allow the ceremony and reception to blend easily.
Reach out to Coastline Convention Center for the perfect coastal, indoor-outdoor venue
right on the water. Historic locations will also be popular wedding venues this fall. The vibe
and look of a historic venue will pair perfectly with this year’s fall wedding trends.


Little is more important that good food at a wedding. This fall, expect receptions to have
unique food presentations. You might see buffet stations, each with a different style of food,
food served on glow cubes, or even on hanging swings. Another trend this year are
statement cakes with intricate and bold designs. In years past, traditional wedding cakes
have been ditched for cupcake stand or other treats, but they will be making a comeback
this fall!


This fall, there will be a heavy emphasis on entertainment. We will see more live music this
fall instead of DJ’s and we will see unique activities, such as caricature artists and photo
booths. We will also see an emphasis on kid-friendly entertainment this fall, such as
twister, bouncy houses, and magic shows.

Why Venue Matters for Your Event

For event planning purposes, the venue you choose for your event should be a top
priority. The venue you choose can directly affect the success of your event and can
also reflect either poorly or positively on your reputation. When researching which
venue you will choose for your event, there are many factors to consider. Keep these
tips in mind when making your venue considerations for your next gathering.

Through Research

As with any other aspect of your event, you will need to do your research before settling
on the venue of your choice. Take some time to search online for the locations you are
interested in. Many of the event spaces will have their own websites where you can see
photos of the space. You can also search reviews online, as the first-hand experience
from those who have used the event space in the past, or guests of an event at the
particular venue, are often influential in making your decision as well.

Space and Style Matters

The amount of space the venue provides will also be an important factor in the success of
your event. When choosing your event space, consider the number of attendees to the event,
and speak in detail with the venue representative about the level of accommodation for the
attendees. Make sure that there are plenty of smaller spaces should you need it, and
consider the outdoor space as well.

The style of the space is also an important factor in choosing a venue. Depending on the type
of event you are planning, the location’s style should match the theme or need of the event.
Be sure to visit the venue and consider what you can do with the space prior to making your
final decision. Ask about prior events held in the space in the past, etc.

While the particular style might not be applicable to all events, at other times it is a crucial part
of choosing your location. For example, you would want to pick a nice location for hosting a
wedding, rather than a venue that doesn’t have anything to offer aesthetically.

If you are looking for the perfect venue for holding your next event, reach out to Coastline
Convention Center for all of your needs! They have just the right space for your next event,
and you will not be disappointed in what you see!

Wedding Tunes: DJ or Band?

The key to any successful wedding celebration is enjoyable entertainment. Deciding which music choice is best to deliver this entertainment to your guests can be the tricky part. In some cases, the bride and groom know exactly what type of music they want. Unfortunately, this is not always that simple. Prior to making your final decision on hiring a DJ or band, consider the following factors:


The budget is usually the top concern for couples who are planning their wedding celebration. It is safe to say that a DJ is less costly than a live band and a ten-piece band is costlier than say, a three-piece band given the fact that more people are needed. Another aspect that plays a key role is the amount of time the band or DJ will play. Keep in mind, taking a break is easier for a DJ than it would be for a band.


The kind of music you choose for your wedding can easily set the tone and theme for your celebration. Consider what music genre is best at mirroring your personalities as well as stimulates the atmosphere you wish to create. The way music is delivered can also affect the environment.

Type of Music

The type of music you wish to have played is another factor to consider. A DJ will have a wider range of music choices than a live band. However, sounds of a big band are best heard live.


Another key factor to consider is how many guests you are planning on attending and the amount of space available for your reception site. A live band requires more space than a DJ. Also, are there any restrictions on the pieces of equipment or on the number of musicians that may be brought into the venue? Is there any noise or power supply limitations? For example, a large speaker may not be allowed in certain locations. Be sure to ask questions when scoping out your intended reception venue.

Band or DJ

Regardless if you choose a DJ or live band, it is always ideal to learn about their abilities prior to signing on the dotted line. Even though a DJ does not perform the music themselves, their performance is still important. Be sure they are not afraid to interact with the audience. Provide a personal request list to ensure the band or DJ can play them.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy your wedding celebration. Now go have fun!

Planning a Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is an informal dinner after a wedding rehearsal that traditionally takes place the night before the wedding. For Saturday weddings, this usually occurs about 7 PM to allow attendants sufficient time to arrive after work. More options are available for weddings that take place on a Sunday or on a holiday. This dinner gives the bride and grooms a chance to thank those who have helped them with their wedding planning and also gives the wedding party a chance to get to know one another.

Dinner Hosts

The mother of the groom traditionally plans and hosts this celebration. Providing that you’re soon to be mother-in-law is willing and able to plan this event, it is a wonderful idea to allow her to do so even if her tastes differ from yours. In some situations, the parents of both the bride and groom share this responsibility by hosting it together.

Nowadays, many couples are including this cost into their overall wedding budget.

Guests to Invite

The guest list should at least include your immediate family, parents of children attendants, and members of the wedding party as well as their significant others. Including the children attendants themselves on this invite list is up to you. Although they may not come, the officiant and his/her significant other should also be invited.

How to Invite

Generally, a couple of days after the wedding invitations were sent out, invitations are sent. Depending on how elaborate this event is expected to be, invites can include formal invitations, DIY invites, an e-vite, or personal phone call. To have a head count, be sure to ask your invites to RSVP.


A nice restaurant or hotel ballroom are often chosen as the locations. However, some rehearsal dinners take place in more extravagant location or somewhere as simple as the backyard.

What Takes Place

In addition to eating, the couple thanks and toasts the wedding party and their family. Other toasts take place as well with the groom’s father going first. Bridal party gifts may be handed out at this event, although subtly. Some couples also use this time to exchange special wedding gifts with each other. Parent gifts are typically more private but can occur at the wedding rehearsal too.

This is an ideal time to inform for last-minute reminders. Ensure the wedding party knows where and when to arrive and what they are supposed to do.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy the time with your guests.

Wilmington NC Catering Trends for Your Wedding

4 Food Bar Types You Need to Try

Planning a wedding is enjoyable and a chance to really get creative and throw in some fun ideas for your reception. A growing trend for wedding venues in Wilmington NC is food bars. Check out some ideas for some great food bars and consider adding them to your lineup of Wilmington NC catering options.

wilmington nc catering

Baked Potato Bar

A baked potato bar is a great way to mix things up and bring something unique and different to your wedding. Have plenty of toppings for guests to choose from like sour cream, different shredded cheeses, bacon, chives, onions, broccoli, diced tomatoes, salsa, etc. and this bar will be a hit with your guests. Not to mention potatoes are very filling and your guests will leave with a full stomach.

Taco Bar

Who doesn’t love a good taco? If you have a taco bar at your wedding, it is sure to be a hit. You can really get creative with the tacos and have options like fish tacos, beef, chicken, veggie, and even dessert tacos. Top them off with a myriad of toppings and your wedding is sure to be the talk of all of your guests for months to come!

Snack Bars

Snack bars are quickly becoming a popular choice among couples as options for their wedding receptions or rehearsal dinners. Snack bars are a great way to get creative. You can feature them for cocktail hour, as an added treat in addition to a full meal, or go all out and have several snack bars throughout the reception. A great idea for a snack bar would be a pretzel bar with all sorts of dipping sauces. Or another idea would be a nacho bar or create your own trail mix bar. The options are limitless when it comes to snack bars!

Dessert Bars

To top it all off, dessert bars are the way to go. Dessert bars can be in addition to your wedding cake, or some couples are choosing to replace the wedding cake altogether with a delicious dessert bar like a cupcake or pie bar. A smoothie bar would also be fun, where the guests can choose their own ingredients and the smoothie is made on the spot. Or how about a cookies and milk bar? Everyone loves desserts so you can never go wrong with a dessert bar.

Coastline Convention Center offers top -notch Wilmington NC catering services. Give us a call today, we are here to make your wedding dream come true with an full service event venue!

Best DIY Wedding Decor for the Budget Conscious Bride

Anybody who has ever planned a wedding or been a part of paying for a wedding knows that the costs can creep up on you without you even knowing it. Sometimes you want so many things you see, you lose yourself and your budget. If you are a budget conscience bride-to-be and refuse to get lost in the bills created, payments owed, and receipts of your extravagance Coastline Conference and Event Center is the place for you.

Your décor and decorations are where the unexpected cost can begin to mount. You went from carnations to roses, roses to candles, candles to chandeliers, and the next thing know you have blown your decorations budget out of the water. There is no reason that this has to happen to you or your budget. With a few DIY tips you can have the décor of your dreams, and not break your wallet.

reception halls wilmington nc

Décor and Decorations



Greenery is not only beautiful, it is on trend and it is very inexpensive. You can get Garland, plastic vines, leaves, and other various leafy greens that you can hang from the ceiling, use in your bouquet and as centerpieces, or decorate the chairs, tables, or the aisles. There are so many variations of greenery that you can use, that there is really no limitations on which direction you go into, and it will be a lot cheaper than using flowers, real or fake.

Gold-Dipped Balloons 

Gold is an awesome party color and balloons are a party favorite. Put the two together and you have an instant upgraded party. Liquid gold (or platinum) paint adds some sparkle and shimmer to the atmosphere. All you need is the balloon and the paint, and you have a decoration good for your wedding and reception.


Glitzy Glasses 

Make all your glassware pop with large-crystal sugar rims in the color of your choosing. You simply dip the rims of your glassware into clear corn syrup and then dip it into the colored sugar. Give the sugar on your glasses 24 to 48 hours to set, and you will be ready to give your guest something fancy to drink out of.

Wax Paper Backdrop 

The same wax paper that is used to make your delicious cookies is the same waxed paper that can be used a backdrop at your wedding. Make it background for guest pictures or the backdrop behind the bride and groom table, or even a backdrop behind the couple in the actual wedding ceremony. At the end, you will have a soft airy look that fills your space with elegance.


There are so many DIY projects you can do to conserve money and throw a beautiful and fabulous wedding. There is no reason to break the bank when you can do it yourself! Contact our office today for a complimentary tour of our wedding and reception venue.

Wedding Reception Dinner Ideas


When it comes to your wedding reception dinner you can go so many different ways, and choosing the best dinner for your wedding depends on a variety of options. Cost, food allergies, wedding venue, if you are going to have an open bar, how you want the food served, will there be children there, and many other factors have to be taken into consideration. Here are some reception dinner ideas that will make your guests mouth water.

reception halls wilmington nc


This may be one place you have to take food allergies into consideration, but if you know that your guest and their guest are cleared for seafood consumption, you could offer many different varieties and combinations of seafood. You could have steamed lobster tail with grilled broccoli and butter and herb roasted potatoes. Another idea is to have two choices of seafood like lemon salmon and honey-braised scallops, and then build your menu around those dishes. You could also have more seafood selections with a buffet style reception.

Seasonal Food

There are always certain foods that are seasonal, and you could combine some of those flavors and dishes to create your reception dinner. A rotisserie season Cornish Hen with herbed long carrots and fresh green beans not only add to the taste of the season but also the theme and colors of your reception.

Surf and Turf

It just seems like steak, lobster, and chicken cover the taste pallets of your entire guest list. The reason people love surf and turf is that you generally know what you are getting. You can make it as simple as you like with French fries, onion rings, and whatever else you would like to have, or you can get more fancy with mashed potato martini bar, breaded oven baked zucchini spears and wild long grain rice.

Barbeque Favorites

This option can get a little messy, but you know people will be full and happy. Fried chicken, barbeque chicken, ribs, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, coleslaw, corn on the cob and other dishes someone may have at their barbeque to make your wedding reception feel like a family reunion.

Food Stations -Served and DIY

Food stations have become quite popular at weddings recently. This gives people a different kind of variety that was not available in most cases. Consider a build-your-own taco food station or a sushi station. These food stations can be manned by servers or you can allow the guest to do it themselves. Either way, this can add another layer of fun to your reception dinner.


Notes for Conference Keynote Speakers

notes for conference keynote speakers

Notes for Conference Keynote Speakers

If you are chosen to be a keynote speaker at an event, chances are you are already an engaging and wonderful speaker. However, if you could use a few tips for improving your keynote speech, this article is for you. Below are a few tips for conference keynote speakers that can help improve your presentation and make it more memorable for those who are in your audience. (more…)

Ways to Make Your Conference Memorable

There are many details that go in to organizing and planning a conference. Amidst all the details, there are some factors you want to consider in order to provide your guests with a memorable experience. If you have a conference that you are in charge of organizing, consider the following tips so that your guests walk away from your conference with a memorable experience. As always, Coastline Center is available for all of your conference needs. (more…)

Event Catering Do’s and Don’ts

Catering is much more than being an expert in your culinary cuisine. It also includes people skills and excellent customer service. There are many pieces to the puzzle that make for a successful catering event. There are many do’s and don’ts that are simple to remember. Here are a few to help get you through your next event. (more…)

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