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Party Venues Wilmington NC

Best Office Party Venues Wilmington NC

Finding the Best Holiday Office Party Venue Wilmington NC

Holiday office party venues Wilmington NC are often an event that is looked forward to by many employees, and in some cases is not anticipated. To make your next holiday office party a hit, try some of these tips and hopefully your employees will have a great time!

Party Venues Wilmington NC


Show your Appreciation to the Employees

When planning a holiday office party, it is important that the employees feel appreciated. This would be a good time to recognize anyone in the office who has received awards or recognition, or simply gone above and beyond to complete their job duties. If you can, throw in some small token of appreciation for everyone in the form of a small gift so that your employees know they are being thought of this holiday season. If at all possible, hold the party during working hours and don’t make it mandatory. The last thing anyone wants is to feel obligated to attend a party or to take time out of their personal lives to attend a work-related event.

Create an Enjoyable Atmosphere

To make your holiday office party a little more fun, hold it at an offsite location like a nice restaurant or fun spot that everyone enjoys. Include festive decorations to the inviting atmosphere, along with some good music and food, and you’ve got a party everyone can enjoy. Themes for parties can be a good and fun idea. For a holiday party, you could make it ugly sweater optional and have a contest for the ugliest sweater. Or a Christmas pajama party. Again, make the participation in the theme optional so others don’t feel obligated. Location is key when it comes to nice parties so be sure to pick an elegant and nice location.


Games and prizes are always a major hit at any party. Let loose with some fun holiday inspired activities and games and offer small prizes to the winners. The prizes would even be work related so no money has to be spent, such as a two-hour lunch break, or pass to leave early on a Friday, etc. You can really get creative with your prizes and the participation is likely to increase if you are offering work-related tokens!

There are many ways to make your work party enjoyable. For more ideas and a great venue, contact us at Coastline Convention Center to set up your office holiday party!


Ways to Make Your Conference Memorable

There are many details that go in to organizing and planning a conference. Amidst all the details, there are some factors you want to consider in order to provide your guests with a memorable experience. If you have a conference that you are in charge of organizing, consider the following tips so that your guests walk away from your conference with a memorable experience. As always, Coastline Center is available for all of your conference needs. (more…)

Event Catering Do’s and Don’ts

Catering is much more than being an expert in your culinary cuisine. It also includes people skills and excellent customer service. There are many pieces to the puzzle that make for a successful catering event. There are many do’s and don’ts that are simple to remember. Here are a few to help get you through your next event. (more…)

Why Your Conference Needs a Theme

Why Your Conference Needs a Theme
Themes are often associated with parties.  They are also essential to a successful conference.  Sometimes, a theme just kind of happens naturally.  Other times, it takes a bit of effort.  No matter what type of situation you are in, the theme of your conference is everything.  Here’s why. (more…)

Ways To Amp Up Your Event’s Music

You want the music at your event to get the crowd rockin’. That’s why amping up the party is more than creating a playlist and hooking up your phone to the aux cable. Making the most out of your event’s music is about creatively using lights, props and other theatrics to truly create a memorable experience. The Coastline Convention Center is full of the right equipment and space to ensure no beat is missed. (more…)

A Party Venue Your Guests Will Remember

The Coastline Convention Center boasts a number of features that earn its rank as Wilmington’s number one party venue destination. Venue features are important considerations when planning – allow us to show you why we have no shortage of reasons to choose us for your next big event.


Party Planning Tips

Parties aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be thrifty! These party planning tips allow you to plan cheaply.  One of the most common mistakes in planning parties in the false assumption that throwing money at a party automatically makes it better. Don’t be fooled. Let these money-saving tips make your party the bee’s knees.


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