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Party Venues Wilmington NC

Best Office Party Venues Wilmington NC

Finding the Best Holiday Office Party Venue Wilmington NC

Holiday office party venues Wilmington NC are often an event that is looked forward to by many employees, and in some cases is not anticipated. To make your next holiday office party a hit, try some of these tips and hopefully your employees will have a great time!

Party Venues Wilmington NC


Show your Appreciation to the Employees

When planning a holiday office party, it is important that the employees feel appreciated. This would be a good time to recognize anyone in the office who has received awards or recognition, or simply gone above and beyond to complete their job duties. If you can, throw in some small token of appreciation for everyone in the form of a small gift so that your employees know they are being thought of this holiday season. If at all possible, hold the party during working hours and don’t make it mandatory. The last thing anyone wants is to feel obligated to attend a party or to take time out of their personal lives to attend a work-related event.

Create an Enjoyable Atmosphere

To make your holiday office party a little more fun, hold it at an offsite location like a nice restaurant or fun spot that everyone enjoys. Include festive decorations to the inviting atmosphere, along with some good music and food, and you’ve got a party everyone can enjoy. Themes for parties can be a good and fun idea. For a holiday party, you could make it ugly sweater optional and have a contest for the ugliest sweater. Or a Christmas pajama party. Again, make the participation in the theme optional so others don’t feel obligated. Location is key when it comes to nice parties so be sure to pick an elegant and nice location.


Games and prizes are always a major hit at any party. Let loose with some fun holiday inspired activities and games and offer small prizes to the winners. The prizes would even be work related so no money has to be spent, such as a two-hour lunch break, or pass to leave early on a Friday, etc. You can really get creative with your prizes and the participation is likely to increase if you are offering work-related tokens!

There are many ways to make your work party enjoyable. For more ideas and a great venue, contact us at Coastline Convention Center to set up your office holiday party!


Awesome Advantages of Having a Winter Wedding

Choosing a date for your wedding can be stressful. A winter wedding has numerous benefits that you may be unaware of. It will stand out by being fun and different. Consider some awesome advantages to having a winter wedding before settling on a date.

rehersal dinners wilmington nc

Greater Availability of Venues

Winter weddings provide the advantage of greater availability too much of the popular venues, vendors, and photographers. Winter weddings are less common which allows you a better chance of having your special day at your dream venue. Also, many venues offer reduced rates during the off-season saves you money.


Stunning Photo Opportunities

Simply step outdoors for unique wedding photos. Winter is a very romantic, unique and beautiful time of year. Winter provides plenty of spectacular photo opportunities such as snow blanketed landscapes and tree branches lightly dusted with frost, the opportunities are endless.


Reduced Stress

Stressing about the elements is reduced with winter weddings because they generally occur inside. The risks of wind and rain not only is stressful, but costlier as well when tents are needed. An outdoor wedding can be uncomfortable to your guests when exposed to heat as well. Stress is reduced for you, your family and friends, and your vendors when you do not need to consider Mother Nature. Also an indoor venue is convenient as you can also host

Less Expensive Travel and Accommodations

Travel and hotel expenses are most expensive during the summer months, while school is in recess and families vacation. You and your guests benefit with off-season pricing for hotels and travel with a winter wedding.


Extremely Romantic

Getting married to your soulmate in a sparkling winter wonderland outdoor wedding venue is extremely romantic. With luck, Mother Nature will oblige and give your special day a fresh white backdrop.


Best Time of Year for Black Tie Weddings

If you are considering a formal wedding, guests with black tie attire will be much more appreciative of a winter wedding. Tuxedos and gown were not designed for outdoor ceremonies in the sweltering summer but are ideal for indoor wedding recpetions


Decorated Venues

Pre-wedding events held during the holiday season can benefit from the gorgeous free decorations displayed this time of year. For example, bridal showers tend to take place approximately one month prior to the wedding. This means, bridal showers taking place during the holiday season are exquisitely decorated with garland, wreaths, and white sparkling lights giving a celebratory feel to any Wilmington NC wedding reception venue you choose.

5 Steps to the Perfect Corporate Retreat

Responsibilities of getting the job done can place pressure and stress on employees around the world and companies are beginning to take notice. Add the seemingly endless amount of phone calls, emails, deadlines, and meetings to the mix and turnover rates are higher than ever for many organizations.

Companies in every industry must take time to reset and a company retreat is an ideal place to accomplish this. Corporate retreats provide co-workers with an outstanding opportunity to join together to reflect on work matters while enjoying themselves at the same time. Company bottom lines are improved in the long run due to these retreats. They are being utilized more and more to help rev up people in the workforce for the upcoming work.

event venues wilmington nc

But what does it take to plan the perfect corporate retreat? Organizing an event such as this takes hard work and effort. Preparing an agenda, booking venues, planning transportation, and ensuring everything goes as planned. The five most important steps to the perfect corporate retreat are as follows:

To plan a successful corporate retreat, the objectives must be determined.

  • Identify the purpose of the retreat.
  • What issues will be attempted to be resolved?
  • What internal issues will you be working on?
  • What external issues do you want to repair by using teamwork?
  • Is this an opportunity for team building?
  1. Who will attend this event? Is this event company-wide or for specific departments? Deciding who will attend and what contribution will be made by each person is helps with action plans and goal setting. Who to invite depends mostly on the purpose and agenda of the retreat.
  2. Determining the right agenda is important to ensure you get the most out of your corporate retreat. Keep an agenda that is focused, detailed, and attainable. You can only get so much reasonably done, and by attempting to do too much you risk the chance of accomplishing nothing at all.
  3. If you prefer not to lead the retreat yourself, a committee can be appointed, or an outside facilitator for the best possible results. Be sure whoever leads the event is involved right from planning stages, including catering services. Facilitators ensure the meeting stays on track.
  4. Determining location is extremely important for your retreat. The ideal locations are near major airports and a short driving distance to help your guests feel comfortable and excited they will be spending time with fellow co-workers.  

Coastline Convention Center, is a premiere event venue in Wilmington, NC to host a successful corporate retreat.

Contact us today for pricing and date availability, let’s get your business event planned for 2018!

Wilmington: Ideal Location for Corporate Retreat

When companies are looking for places to hold business conferences or corporate retreats, they tend to look over some of the best places in America like Wilmington, North Carolina. These places are often looked over because they are not mega metropolitan centers that have a lot of different things to entertain their employees, which actually may be the best thing for the team building portion. These are some reasons to consider as to why Coastal Convention is the ideal event venue in Wilmington, NC for your next corporate retreat.


Wilmington is a smaller port city in North Carolina. Almost three-quarters of the state is surrounded by some type of water and beautiful beaches. This is not important so your employees can hang out at the beach and set some sun, but it is a place where they can feel more relaxed. The beaches and the ocean can invoke a feeling of peace and it is beautiful. If you are having a corporate retreat, the beach is a great place to retreat to.

Hotels and Convention Center

Wilmington, NC has beautiful hotels and conference areas that overlook the ocean. It is almost as if there is no “bad” place to stay. They also have a new convention center with beautiful views that overlook the water. There are multiple rooms and they will also provide the food for your attendees.


At a corporate retreat or business conference, there is a level of expectation for good food, especially if you are in North Carolina. The Wilmington cuisine consists of extremely fresh seafood, locally owned establishments, and beautiful outdoor dining locations. This allows you to have working business dinners with delicious food surrounded by a wonderful ambiance. You can also get drinks and grab a bite to eat with coworkers after a long day of sitting in seminars and training.

Small Town

Unless a company’s headquarters is in a small town, companies don’t typically think to have their retreats or conferences in smaller cities or towns. However, it may be something they want to consider. Have you heard the stories of people who go out after the conference or sneak away from the retreat and get into trouble outside of the reason they are there? Being in a smaller area can elevate the temptation and opportunity to go out and do things that are more readily available in larger metropolitan areas.

wilmington convention center

The next time you are looking to have a business convention or company retreat, look to Wilmington, N.C and the Coastal Convention Center, you will be pleasantly surprised with our facilities. 

Notes for Conference Keynote Speakers

notes for conference keynote speakers

Notes for Conference Keynote Speakers

If you are chosen to be a keynote speaker at an event, chances are you are already an engaging and wonderful speaker. However, if you could use a few tips for improving your keynote speech, this article is for you. Below are a few tips for conference keynote speakers that can help improve your presentation and make it more memorable for those who are in your audience. (more…)

Host Your Annual Association Meeting at Coastline Center

Host Your Annual Association Meeting
Your annual association meeting is an important event. You need a location that not only meets your needs but exceeds all expectations, and leaves your attendees with a memorable experience. If you’re looking for a venue in North Carolina, look no further than the Coastline Conference and Event Center in Wilmington. (more…)

Perks of Renting a Meeting Room, Board Room or Training Room

perks of renting a meeting room

Whether you need to host a meeting, hold a conference or spend some time on employee training, you need an appropriate space to do so.  Holding these events at your office may not always be the best option; you may lack sufficient space or necessary equipment.  Why not look into renting a room in an off-site venue instead? (more…)

Our Conference and Event Center

Our conference and event center is dedicated to bringing you and your guests the best service and space Wilmington has to offer in order to make your Wilmington event a success. Learn more about what makes our conference center the number one choice for those seeking a venue.

Wilmington conference


Now Booking for 2017!

Have an upcoming party, wedding or business event? The Coastline Convention Center is already booking for 2017 and 2018 despite ongoing construction. Enjoy our expansive list of features and amenities that can be found nowhere else in Wilmington.


A Party Venue Your Guests Will Remember

The Coastline Convention Center boasts a number of features that earn its rank as Wilmington’s number one party venue destination. Venue features are important considerations when planning – allow us to show you why we have no shortage of reasons to choose us for your next big event.


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