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wilmington convention center

Wilmington: Ideal Location for Corporate Retreat

When companies are looking for places to hold business conferences or corporate retreats, they tend to look over some of the best places in America like Wilmington, North Carolina. These places are often looked over because they are not mega metropolitan centers that have a lot of different things to entertain their employees, which actually may be the best thing for the team building portion. These are some reasons to consider as to why Coastal Convention is the ideal event venue in Wilmington, NC for your next corporate retreat.


Wilmington is a smaller port city in North Carolina. Almost three-quarters of the state is surrounded by some type of water and beautiful beaches. This is not important so your employees can hang out at the beach and set some sun, but it is a place where they can feel more relaxed. The beaches and the ocean can invoke a feeling of peace and it is beautiful. If you are having a corporate retreat, the beach is a great place to retreat to.

Hotels and Convention Center

Wilmington, NC has beautiful hotels and conference areas that overlook the ocean. It is almost as if there is no “bad” place to stay. They also have a new convention center with beautiful views that overlook the water. There are multiple rooms and they will also provide the food for your attendees.


At a corporate retreat or business conference, there is a level of expectation for good food, especially if you are in North Carolina. The Wilmington cuisine consists of extremely fresh seafood, locally owned establishments, and beautiful outdoor dining locations. This allows you to have working business dinners with delicious food surrounded by a wonderful ambiance. You can also get drinks and grab a bite to eat with coworkers after a long day of sitting in seminars and training.

Small Town

Unless a company’s headquarters is in a small town, companies don’t typically think to have their retreats or conferences in smaller cities or towns. However, it may be something they want to consider. Have you heard the stories of people who go out after the conference or sneak away from the retreat and get into trouble outside of the reason they are there? Being in a smaller area can elevate the temptation and opportunity to go out and do things that are more readily available in larger metropolitan areas.

wilmington convention center

The next time you are looking to have a business convention or company retreat, look to Wilmington, N.C and the Coastal Convention Center, you will be pleasantly surprised with our facilities. 

outdoor wedding venues wilmington nc

Fall Wedding Trends in Wilmington, NC

If you are planning a wedding this Fall, you are in for a treat. This fall season is already centered around beautiful deep colors and the warm feeling of love and home. Of course, every person will have their own idea of what they want for their wedding, but adding these trends in could take your wedding from a night to remember, to an event people will never forget.


This season deep rich burgundies and plum’s are the Fall colors of choice and are the centerpiece of this year’s wedding color schemes. A neutral color or pastels are the colors most used to complement these deep colors. In the Fall, the typical spring hues are frosted over giving them more dimension. Together the dark hues give you the sense of earth and season, while the lighter colors add to the whimsicalness of the moment.  You can also add metallics for a little pop.

Wedding Cakes

There is a new trend for the Fall season when it comes to wedding cakes. Instead of adorning a cake with thick design frosting and sugar flowers, the couple is choosing cakes with a more textured look dressed up with real, small bunches of flowers, greenery, or a combination of both. ‘Naked Cakes’ are also growing in popularity. Nude cakes are cakes with a thin layer of frosting so some of the cake shows through. Then it is dressed up with caramel or ganache drizzle, and some foliage.


There is always a place for a traditional dress, no matter the season, but this year’s trend is leading brides and grooms down a less traditional path. Two piece wedding dress sets are this year’s bridal dress trend, and that doesn’t mean you have to bare a lot of skin. Some brides are paring cashmere sweaters with luxurious full-length skirts, or lace long sleeve turtleneck crop tops with exaggerated high wasted gown skirts. You can really express your own style.


Wild looking bouquets containing freshly picked flowers and greenery is leading in the Floral department for Fall weddings. The arrangement is more leafy and green, and fewer delicate flowers. And, for this season, forget a long stem. Vines, thistle, berries, bushes, and small leafy twigs are catching the eye of many people having weddings.

Food and Drink

Creativity is the name of the game, and food and drink stations are all the rave. The eating portion of the wedding is way more fun than getting served a plate. Build your own tacos, barbeque stations, and even a sushi bar is how people are choosing to feed their guest. And just in case you were wondering, an open bar is always on trend.

Contact us today for a complimentary tour of our outdoor wedding venue in Wilmington, NC.

outdoor wedding venues wilmington nc

reception halls wilmington nc

Wedding Reception Dinner Ideas


When it comes to your wedding reception dinner you can go so many different ways, and choosing the best dinner for your wedding depends on a variety of options. Cost, food allergies, wedding venue, if you are going to have an open bar, how you want the food served, will there be children there, and many other factors have to be taken into consideration. Here are some reception dinner ideas that will make your guests mouth water.

reception halls wilmington nc


This may be one place you have to take food allergies into consideration, but if you know that your guest and their guest are cleared for seafood consumption, you could offer many different varieties and combinations of seafood. You could have steamed lobster tail with grilled broccoli and butter and herb roasted potatoes. Another idea is to have two choices of seafood like lemon salmon and honey-braised scallops, and then build your menu around those dishes. You could also have more seafood selections with a buffet style reception.

Seasonal Food

There are always certain foods that are seasonal, and you could combine some of those flavors and dishes to create your reception dinner. A rotisserie season Cornish Hen with herbed long carrots and fresh green beans not only add to the taste of the season but also the theme and colors of your reception.

Surf and Turf

It just seems like steak, lobster, and chicken cover the taste pallets of your entire guest list. The reason people love surf and turf is that you generally know what you are getting. You can make it as simple as you like with French fries, onion rings, and whatever else you would like to have, or you can get more fancy with mashed potato martini bar, breaded oven baked zucchini spears and wild long grain rice.

Barbeque Favorites

This option can get a little messy, but you know people will be full and happy. Fried chicken, barbeque chicken, ribs, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, coleslaw, corn on the cob and other dishes someone may have at their barbeque to make your wedding reception feel like a family reunion.

Food Stations -Served and DIY

Food stations have become quite popular at weddings recently. This gives people a different kind of variety that was not available in most cases. Consider a build-your-own taco food station or a sushi station. These food stations can be manned by servers or you can allow the guest to do it themselves. Either way, this can add another layer of fun to your reception dinner.


wedding venues in wilmington nc

Wedding Favors That Will Impress Your Guests

Wedding favors are the proverbial icing on the cake for your wedding reception. It is a fabulous way to thank them for participating in your love and special day. It also allows them to have a keepsake and lasting memory of your wedding. There are so many things you could give to your guest, but whatever you give it should come from the bottom of your heart.

wedding venues in wilmington nc

Personalize It

Personalized wedding favors have grown in popularity because it makes people feel like you took the time to honor them and their presence at your event on a very personal level. So, if you are going to give your guest wedding favors make sure that you have personalized them, and watch your guess be impressed.

Give Them A Snack

Little chocolates, mints, and even nuts are a great wedding favor to send your guests home with. They will have eaten quite a bit at your wedding so this may actually be something that they keep longer than some other wedding favors. Whether they enjoy it now or enjoy the treats later, it is something sweet for them to remember the moment by.

Make it Useful

A cognac glass, coasters, a plate; these are all items that a person can use once the wedding is over. Bottle cap openers and candle holders are all gifts that keep on giving. They can last forever; which is as long as the bride and groom plan to be together.

Go Unisex

It can get tedious when you are trying to determine how many wedding favors do you need for the men, and how many do you need for the women. If you choose a unisex gift then you can generally get the same thing for everyone. This will save you a lot of time and possibly a lot of money.

Get Creative

Almost anything can be a wedding favor regardless of how big or how small. You simply have to decide how much money you have to spend on the favors. Whether you spend a little or spend a lot you can give or make something that is very unique. You also give something that is decorative that people could put on their wall or on a coffee table. Yes, everyone’s taste is different but you can find something that is tasteful and that most of your guests would enjoy.

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the best wedding songs

The Best Wedding Songs

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Notes for Conference Keynote Speakers

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make conference memorable

Ways to Make Your Conference Memorable

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Event Catering Do’s and Don’ts

Catering is much more than being an expert in your culinary cuisine. It also includes people skills and excellent customer service. There are many pieces to the puzzle that make for a successful catering event. There are many do’s and don’ts that are simple to remember. Here are a few to help get you through your next event. (more…)

Why Your Conference Needs a Theme

Why Your Conference Needs a Theme

Why Your Conference Needs a Theme
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Host Your Annual Association Meeting

Host Your Annual Association Meeting at Coastline Center

Host Your Annual Association Meeting
Your annual association meeting is an important event. You need a location that not only meets your needs but exceeds all expectations, and leaves your attendees with a memorable experience. If you’re looking for a venue in North Carolina, look no further than the Coastline Conference and Event Center in Wilmington. (more…)