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the best wedding songs

The Best Wedding Songs

the best wedding songs

The Best Wedding Songs

There are many tasks that go into planning a wedding, and the playlist is one of the more fun tasks that you will take part in. However, it can be difficult to know how to make the best playlist. Here are some tips that might help you through the process. (more…)

Notes for Conference Keynote Speakers

notes for conference keynote speakers

Notes for Conference Keynote Speakers

If you are chosen to be a keynote speaker at an event, chances are you are already an engaging and wonderful speaker. However, if you could use a few tips for improving your keynote speech, this article is for you. Below are a few tips for conference keynote speakers that can help improve your presentation and make it more memorable for those who are in your audience. (more…)

Why Your Conference Needs a Theme

Why Your Conference Needs a Theme
Themes are often associated with parties.  They are also essential to a successful conference.  Sometimes, a theme just kind of happens naturally.  Other times, it takes a bit of effort.  No matter what type of situation you are in, the theme of your conference is everything.  Here’s why. (more…)

Host Your Annual Association Meeting at Coastline Center

Host Your Annual Association Meeting
Your annual association meeting is an important event. You need a location that not only meets your needs but exceeds all expectations, and leaves your attendees with a memorable experience. If you’re looking for a venue in North Carolina, look no further than the Coastline Conference and Event Center in Wilmington. (more…)

Where to Begin When Planning a Wedding

where to begin when planning a wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged!  You can’t stop smiling.  You’ve been sharing the news with friends all over social media with pictures of the ring you can’t take your eyes off of.  After the initial shock and elation of this momentous occasion starts to wear off, you’re suddenly struck with a realization: you have to start planning a wedding.  While you may have been to a wedding or two in the past, your wedding is uniquely yours, and you may not have any idea where to start.  Here are a few tips to get you going. (more…)

Perks of Renting a Meeting Room, Board Room or Training Room

perks of renting a meeting room

Whether you need to host a meeting, hold a conference or spend some time on employee training, you need an appropriate space to do so.  Holding these events at your office may not always be the best option; you may lack sufficient space or necessary equipment.  Why not look into renting a room in an off-site venue instead? (more…)

Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Your wedding is an important event in your life. It is a celebration of you and your significant other joining together to become one on a new adventure in your lives. As such, it should be done in a way that celebrates the two of you. You are unique, and your wedding should be, too. If you want to do something a little bit different and out of the ordinary, why not consider a destination wedding? (more…)

Get Out of the Office: Host Your Meeting in a Coastline Conference Room

Coastline Conference Room

It is often believed that it is much better for your employees, and your budget, to host your meetings and conferences right at the office.  After all, no one needs to travel anywhere.  This may be true some of the time, but more often than not, the office is plagued with distractions, and your employees are simply stuck in the daily grind.  Why not give your employees a change of scenery, and host your next meeting or conference at the Coastline Conference and Event Center in Wilmington, North Carolina? (more…)

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